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a magic couch that is part-toy and part-furniture.

Playable, imaginative, customizable & fun.

​​ComfyBricks is Live on Kickstarter Now

Starts at $159


From Cushions to Anything Imagined

ComfyBricks couch has geometrically shaped cushions that fit together just like the building blocks we played with as children. The couch can be connected together magnetically in an endless number of combinations. The concept encourages and inspires creativity – ComfyBricks can be a comfy couch but also a fort, spacecraft, pirate ship and more! Let your child decide! 


Enjoy the magic of giant, comfortable, building blocks that inspire the imagination while developing kids’ DIY abilities and critical thinking skills.

Soft, Safe & Fluffy

Fluffy Touch


ComfyBricks uses a cotton linen fabric that is breathable, smooth, and velvety soft. This breathable material maintains warmth in winter and stays cool in summer for year-round comfort. With 3A cotton lining and advanced cushion material, the couch maintains its shape and firm rebound in any configuration.

Soft Cloth

Child-safe Materials


Kids-Friendly Dimensions

Made with kid-sized dimensions, ComfyBricks is easy for kids to sit comfortably on and is ideal as an early learning toy for children. Under the guidance of adults, kids can create indoors adventures by combining their favorite colors and shapes into new designs that they decide on. It’s a great family activity that can change the look and feel of any room in the home. 


Modular Magnet Connections

With magnet connectors built-in, kids can easily connect and assemble ComfyBricks into fun new shapes with ease, exploring any new playful idea that they can dream up! The robust magnetic connectors let kids safely assemble and disassemble as they please for a fun new adventure every day. 


Easy to Keep Clean

Spills aren't a problem with ComfyBricks’ stain-proof fabric. Accidental coffee spills or other liquids simply wipe up with a damp cloth to restore a pristine appearance. For a more thorough cleaning, the cushion covers can be easily removed and machine washed.





a magic couch that is part-toy and part-furniture.

Playable, imaginative, customizable & fun.

ComfyBricks is Live on Kickstarter Now

Starts at $159

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